The Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis

The Ancient Roman Theatre of Philippopolis is among the best preserved ancient theaters in the world. His exquisite beauty will enchant you and it will take you back in time of Emperor Trajan at the beginning of II century. With its 28 concentric rows of...
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The Small basilica

The Small basilica was built in the second half of the 5th century AD in honor of Basiliscus –  the chief military commander of the province of Thrace. He remained in history when in 471 he saved the city from the rebelling...
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Up and down the Three hills

The Three hills are the core from which the city started to develop in the past. The base is Nebet Tepe where are dated the earliest signs of civilization here. It’s where the life of the ancient settlement began. With time it...
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The Old Town Plovdiv

  In the cobbled streets of the old town, where the time is stopped and brings magic as nowhere else, you will find not only beautiful architecture and history… You will find happiness and joy! It is situated on three hills of...
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